Balassi Summer University 2019

The deadline for the application is over.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

Call for scholarship application for the

Balassi Summer University, 2019

Based on the 241/2016. (VIII.16.) Government Regulation the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (hereafter MFA), the Ministry invites applications for a Hungarian State scholarship for the 


The objective of the scholarship is to improve, broaden and strengthen the Hungarian language skills and cultural knowledge of the participants in the programme. The four-week long course takes place in the MFA in Budapest with the cooperation of the KKM Oktatási és Rekreációs Kft. (KKMOR Kft., a background institution of the MFA).

Individuals entitled to submit their applications are:

of Hungarian descent, citizens and residents of the Western diaspora communities, and of minimum 18 years of age, or

of non-Hungarian descent, citizens and residents of other countries, and of minimum 18 years of age.

Volunteer work, references from their Universities, and any other activities related to the Hungarian culture are taken into consideration in the selection of the applicants.

Description of the programme:

During the four-week long programme the students attend 80 Hungarian language classes, and they can participate in Hungarian studies lectures and extramural activities. Outside of class they will visit museums, have field trips and various programmes during which they can experience the Hungarian culture. At the end of the course they will take an oral and a written exam. 

For scholarship-holders class attendance is compulsory. Should a participant miss classes without any cause, or violate the Disciplinary Guidelines, the individual will lose the right to continue the programme and the right to dormitory placement.

Programme duration:  4 weeks (22 July, 2019 – 16 August, 2019)

The scholarship includes:

 The scholarship does not cover the following expenses: 

Maximum number of scholarships to be awarded: 60

Deadline for electronic application: 3 April, 2019, 24:00 (CET) 

Decisions about the applications are made by the MFA Board. All decisions are binding.

MFA–Balassi Institute will not consider applications submitted after deadline and/or incorrectly and/or incompletely and/or illegibly.

Applications will be evaluated by 30 April, 2019 and applicants will be notified about the results within 7 work-days afterwards via e-mail. Successful applicants must confirm the acceptance of the scholarship via e-mail.

Steps of application:

The call for application is published in English at

1. Filling in the application form

Download the English-language application form (Excel document) at

The application form and the questionnaire are two different sheets in the same Excel document. Fill both of them electronically (no handwriting!).

2. Obtaining required documents

Required documentation and references for the application:

3. Printing and signing the application form

Print the application form filled in eletronically, then sign with blue ink and scan in colour.

NOTE! The questionnaire is not to be printed, signed and scanned.

4. Submitting the application material via e-mail to


To submitting the application the following documents have to be sent:


For further information please contact Krisztina Szalánczi at MFA’s Department of Trainings and Skills Development.

In person: H-1016 Budapest, Somlói út 51., room 242

Telephone:  +36-1-550-2303

E-mail: MmfVbMkitobwNslw5cMM4NYmFsYXNzaXN1bW1lcnVuaUBtZmEuZ292Lmh1

Further information at the webpage of MFA–Balassi Scholarship Programme:


For information please use this e-mail: MmXsrj9DYrWFyG2DYmFsYXNzaXN1bW1lcnVuaUBtZmEuZ292Lmh1

Submitting the application material please use this e-mail:

JNjBlAqhpuq7TcmUzG3YXBwbHktYmFsYXNzaUBtZmEuZ292Lmh1 ________________________________________________________________________________

All Hungarian speakers should fill in the form in Hungarian. Use the English form only in case you do not speak Hungarian. 


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