Balassi Summer University

4 weeks, 80 Hungarian lessons, 8 lectures on Hungarian culture, "Táncház", excursions, afternoon programmes

Balassi Summer University awaits everyone who wish to learn Hungarian language and want to know more about Hungarian culture.

Intensive Hungarian language lessons are combined with lectures on Hungarian literature, history, folk and fine arts, movie history, wine culture,  etc. in the 4-week programme. The course taking place in Budapest provides a fine opportunity to introduce participants into the Hungarian cultural heritage, as well as for them to discover and experience individually a variety of enriching cultural programmes offered by the Hungarian capital city in the summer.

Our qualified, experienced and enthusiastic Hungarian as a foreign language teachers, who are always open to the students’ needs, ensure the high standard of language education.

The programme is available in a scholarship-form (read more here) as well as in a self-financed way. The number of annually awarded scholarship grants is limited, so the Evaluation Board has to handle applicants' meeting conditions and deadlines strictly.

We would like to inform you that Balassi Summer University is going to be cancelled in 2021, due to the unpredictability of the epidemiological situation.

We hope that by the summer of 2022 the pandemic will be subsided and we can organize our traditional 4-week program again.

Please visit the website in March 2022 when the call-for-application is expected to be published, or inquire at NchfhL8Mh05VIWYc3VtdW5pQG1kYWtmdC5odQ==

 For further information please contuct us:


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