What is your dearest memory from the Balassi-Stipendium Hungaricum course?

 Dear Alumni Stipendium Hungaricum Students,

The Balassi-Stipendium Hungaricum Alumni webpage is currently under construction and it would be really awesome if we could fill up with photos, experiences, memories of many of Yours.

We have just started it and we kindly ask you to help us building the Alumni page as big and colorful as it deserves by sharing with us your greatest memories, stories or grateful thoughts from the time spent there.

We sincerely hope you have some of them... :)

Also, we encourage you to share these moments with us in a 3 or 4 lines: PLtJfmOLTAWJaV3UGcc3RpcGVuZGl1bUBtZGFrZnQuaHU=

Of course, photos are also welcome, either being alone on them or with your dearest fellow students :)

 We appreciate all the help coming from you.

Feel free to contact us,

kind regards,

Balassi-SH Team