The goal of our Hungarian Language – Hungarian Cultural Studies training is to help strengthen the Hungarian identity of the students and prepare them for their future work in disseminating the Hungarian culture. This goal is to be reached by increasing their language competence on the one hand and by transferring up-to-date knowledge of Hungary and the Hungarian culture on the other.  

There are two types of syllabus available according to the different language competence of the students. Training Type A provides a higher number of Hungarian language classes to students whose language level is beginner. Training Type B is offered to more advanced students of Hungarian who study the Hungarian language and the Hungarian-related subjects in the same number of hours in both semesters. Students in each training are subdivided into groups according to their initial language competence.  

This 10-month-long training consists of two semesters including a study period of 13/15 weeks and an exam period of 4 weeks. During their study period students have to attend 28 classes a week. In the exam period they have to take 4-5 exams.

During their training students do not only attend classes but also take part in various cultural programmes, e.g. visit museums. Their training programme also includes organised trips, one inside and another one outside Hungary. 

Contact for more information on the training and application:

Tünde SASVÁRI, education officer 

1107 Budapest, Zágrábi str. 1. (office room nr. 101)

Tel.: +3670/777-8552

E-mail: qhkKMXDWlMQ7OWOiYY5aHVuZ2Fyb2xvZ2lhQG1kYWtmdC5odQ==