Hungarian University Preparatory Programme of MFA

Hungarian universities are well known for their high quality of education. Preparatory Programme of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary (MFA) is an expert in organizing preparatory courses for students of Diaspora who would like to study in Hungarian at Hungarian universities. Our system has been designed and refined since 1957, so we can offer the most effective course for students whose aim is to take a successful university entrance examination.

Learning Hungarian language and reaching an advanced level in field specific vocabulary in Hungarian is not just important but an overwhelming experience at the same time for our students. Refreshing their knowledge for example in Biology, Chemistry, Maths or History– choosing a subject according to their needs for the university studies – and using Hungarian terminology are essential for their university years. 

Within the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship, MFA offers a ten-month-long preparatory programme of university studies. The speciality of this programme is that it involves intensive learning of both Hungarian language and field specific knowledge and vocabulary. Its schedule embraced by innovative language teaching methods and our own modern field specific materials enables the students to prepare efficiently for their further studies. Having completed this course, students will be able to apply for the various faculties of some prominent Hungarian universities.

System and methods

Students study in groups of 7-12 according to their specializations in 6-8 hours per day.

10 months preparatory course consists of two parts:

1st Semester (between September and December):

Students learn the Hungarian language, 30 hours a week. In order to be able to speak Hungarian with confidence from the first day, students are exposed to a balanced treatment of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills combined with communicative strategies.

There are written and oral examinations of Hungarian language at the end of the semester.

2nd Semester (between January and June):

Students learn Hungarian language in a reduced number of hours (14 hours/week) and 2-3 kinds of specialized subjects appropriate to their specialization 18-20 hours a week.

The students are required to take oral and written exams both in Hungarian language and the specification subjects at the end of the school year.

Consultation opportunities are provided during the school year.

Why choose MFA Preparatory Programme?

  • the first and yet most authentic institute providing Hungarian as a foreign language courses
  • our system has been designed and refined during the past 60 years to offer the most effective course
  • Hungarian language learning in an intensive form
  • field specific knowledge and vocabulary
  • various cultural programmes and activities
  • every year more than 500 students from all over the world join our courses

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