Training details

The Balassi Scholarship Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade awaits those who are dedicated to prepare themselves for the graduation exams on the advanced or intermediate level through a high number of study hours as part of intensive training.

Elective subjects: English, Biology, Physics, Geography, Informatics, Chemistry, Hungarian language and literature, Mathematics and History.

A number of hours per week: 12-20 lessons/subject.

What we offer:

- teaching the two subjects required for the chosen field of studies

- lecturers with extensive experience in preparing for university education

- if necessary, dormitory accommodation

- participation in extracurricular professional programs and events

- support and counseling in choosing a profession, in developing the entering strategy to the university, and in the relevant administration

We combine studying with joy and community

Contact for more information on the training and application:

Cecília PUSKÁS, education officer (room 101)

KKM Balassi University Preparatory Training, 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 57. III. building 1st-floor office 101.

The building can be approached from Jókai street 34.

Tel .: +36 1 800 9490

E-mail: sqJvScor2hJaHRtZWxva2Vzeml0b0BtZGFrZnQuaHU=

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